Week 2

28 Jan 2021

Week 2 has come and gone. Another fine night, actually I’d call it a great night, of skiing. We saw the arrival of the long delayed Wombat sponsor banner to kick off the night of great success… Well, maybe not great.

Great Night, Great Banner

This leads to the discussion of LVW and MVW’s

This week’s LVW presents the opportunity to assign LVW to the several who lost both races.

But, no, in reality LVW goes to the Banana who showed the enthusiasm out of the gate and down the course of a man heading to a parking lot BYOB event with no B. WTH Banana? Are we going to have to put a cattle prod up the old pooper? Nah, it’d become a fad if we did that.

Moving onto the MVW, this is truly split between two stellar racers tonight. Those who’s stellar performance of two wins each keeps us ahead of the mighty wastes. This, even though Reg pounded VSM’s J. Neil into total submission, was not enough. Reg, way to show the power of tonnage!

But I digress. MVW’s are Nick the Quick and KY for their two wins each. WTG!

On to next week which’ll be slow to fast.